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Alumni Cabin

What are you doing this summer? Come stay with us… please feel free to request use of YMCA Camp Cory’s beautiful alumni cabin. It is here for you to enjoy! Come stay for a weekend or during the week when camp is in session and remember the joys of camp first hand. Hear camp songs, attend camp activities, eat in the dining hall, make s’mores by the campfire, share your stories with current campers and reconnect with your fondest memories.

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Maijgren Village


Campers in our Sailing Camp stay in Maijgren Village. Campers are typically 11-15. Cabins in Maijgren sleep between 7 and 9 campers and two counselors. Maijgren Village was dedicated in 1971 and is named after Henry T. “Mike” Maijgren, former camper and board member.

Senior Village Bathrooms


Campers in Senior Village have access to the Senior Bathrooms which have 6 shower stalls, 3 sinks, and a private bathroom on each side.

Archery Range


Using recurve and compound bows, campers have the opportunity to improve a variety of motor skills and to feel a sense of personal accomplishment. They’ll learn in-depth about the equipment, how to aim and shoot effectively, and to participate and score in competition. Campers will receive a Rank Card at the end of their week in Archery based on skill, knowledge, and behavior. Senior Village Campers may also sign up for Advanced Archery.

Waterski Dock


Waterski classes leave from the Junior Waterfront and experience the excitement that only comes from learning how to ski on Keuka Lake!

Day Camp Farmstead


This area is home to our Day Camp Program. The focus on camp activities, group games, and challenges gives campers the chance to achieve and be recognized for their accomplishments in a place where it’s okay to fail… as long as you try again! Friendships blossom through encouragement and challenge in the camp community.

Wells Village


The next stage for our campers is Wells village. Cabins in Wells Village sleep between 7 and 9 campers and 2 counselors. It was first referred to as Wells Village in 1947 and is named after Schuyler C. Wells, former camper and board member.

Walmsley Village


Our oldest campers stay in Walmsley Village. Campers are typically 13-15. Cabins in Walmsley are identical to those in Wells Village, sleeping between 7 and 9 campers and 2 counselors. Walmsley Village was named after J. Milnor Walmsley and his wife, who had both been involved in boys’ work in Rochester for some time.



Once every two weeks, our campers come together to sing songs, tell poems, and reflect about the camp experience at our Chapel.

Senior Boathouse


The Senior Boathouse is home to a few of our camp classes: Drama and Canoeing and Kayaking. We also host talent shows, staff shows, and sometimes award ceremonies here. This boathouse is a great indoor meeting space for any camp program!

Keuka Lodge


Our youngest campers stay in Keuka Village, named after our lake. Campers are typically ages 7-9. The home of Keuka Village is the lodge and is equip with bathrooms and showers right in the facility and house 26 Campers (13 Boys, 13 Girls) and three counselors of each gender. This building helps us give extra support to our younger campers and is also home to our Mini and Sample Camp Programs.

Mangurian Dining Hall


Centered at the heart of camp, the dining hall is the place where all of our overnight campers meet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Making sure that your camper is healthy and happy is our top priority! During mealtime all campers have the choice of a hot entree, vegetarian and gluten free alternatives, and a full salad bar. Mealtime is also when all of camp is together to sing songs, connect with their cabin mates and cheer for their villages!

The Thunderbird


The Thunderbird has been a staple of Camp Cory for generations. This is the spot where campers and staff come together after meals and during all camp games.

Arts and Crafts Lodge


With a focus on imagination, investigation, and creation through painting, drawing, sculpture, and collage, campers will create camp-inspired take-home projects. Projects include: zentangle, watercolor art, beading, boondoggle, sculpting, and of course, Tie Dye Friday!



During the summer, Camp Cory has two nurses on site to make sure the campers and staff are healthy and happy!

Craig Village


Cabins in Craig Village have bathrooms and showers in the cabin, and they house 10 campers and two counselors. Craig Village was dedicated in 2003 after Jean Craig made a donation in honor of her husband, Wilmot, a former Rochester YMCA Corporate Board chairman. Before that, it was Iroquois Village.

High Ropes Course


The High Ropes Course is an additional part of the high ropes program for our older campers.

Junior Waterfront


All swimming takes place at the Junior Waterfront, but that’s not the only water activity we offer! Campers get the opportunity to participate in Log Rolling, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and more! All campers are supervised by Camp Cory Lifeguards while in the water.

High Ropes Tower and Zip Line


The High Ropes Program is a challenging activity that brings a sense of achievement and independence to every camper participating. Campers will get the opportunity to try a variety of activities including climbing, knot tying, team challenges, and if you’re brave enough, you can even go down the zip line!

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Map Key

  • Alumni Cabin
  • Archery Range
  • Arts and Crafts Lodge
  • Bounce Pillow
  • Chapel
  • Craig Village
  • Day Camp Farmstead
  • Dining Hall
  • Fishing Dock
  • High Ropes Course
  • High Ropes Tower and Zip Line
  • Infirmary
  • Johnny Locke Memorial Fire Circle
  • Junior Boathouse
  • Junior Gaga Pit
  • Junior Waterfront
  • Junior Waterfront Bathrooms
  • Keuka Lake
  • Keuka Lodge
  • Maijgren Village
  • Pavilion
  • Senior Athletic Field
  • Senior Basketball Court
  • Senior Bathrooms
  • Senior Boathouse
  • Senior Shower House
  • Slip and Slide
  • Thunderbird
  • Trey's Fire Circle
  • Waddy Sykes Boardwalk
  • Walmsley Fire Circle
  • Walmsley Village
  • Waterski Doc
  • Wells Fire Circle
  • Wells Village
  • Yacht Club